Well I picked the perfect week to move to Seattle! My favorite band, Down, is on tour in support of their new album, Over the Under. The tour just started this week, and there were dates in Seattle and Vancouver. So of course, I went to both.

It was amazing, the band sounded perfect and the atmosphere is what keeps me coming back, show after show. I had never been to Vancouver before, and even though going across the border in my car sucked (they made me go through customs and did a background check on me) it was great to go and explore a new city.

Vancouver had a good feel to it, it seemed similar to Seattle in a lot of ways, yet still maintained something about it that let me know I wasnt in the US anymore. Lucky for me, I had a friend and mutual Down fan that lives in Vancouver, so I had a guide and a place to crash after the show. I could go on and on about the sights and travel experience, but the main highlight of this weekend was the two shows.

Simply put, there are not many bands I have seen live that match the stage presence and energy that Down brings every night. Fronted by who I can only describe as a hero and inspiration for me in my life, the legendary Philip Anselmo, Down consists of five of the most talented and veteran musicians on the planet. Both shows I attended this weekend featured a great set list that included songs from the new record as well as the bands previous two efforts, Nola and Down II: A Bustle in Your Hedgerow.

Each show that Down plays on their tours is titled “An Evening With Down”. An elegant title for a rocking show! The night always begins with an hour long movie consisting of home video clips of the band having fun between tour stops or practice sessions, mixed in with music videos from bands that influenced Down from the beginning. Most of the band videos are from the 70’s and 80’s, a testament to Downs roots and longevity. This also hints at why Down has developed a fan base spanning multiple generations.

For those living near a stop on this latest Down tour, I would highly recommend buying a ticket and enjoying a great night of music. Whether you find your release in the mosh pits or have a seat on the balcony, you will not be disappointed. All music lovers will find an aspect of Down they can appreciate. As Philip stated on Friday night “Down cannot be labeled, we are a genre spanning southern rock slash hard rock slash heavy metal band”.

Philip Anselmo

Vancouver Show Pictures

Seattle Show Pictures