If this is really the last time AT THE GATES tours…then thank god i went to this, oh my god this was such a great show!!!


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For my final project this quarter, I intend to do a case study on the mobile technology industry in Baltic country of Estonia.  This tiny, yet successful country has made huge strides in the digital technology world, including the use of mobile technology such as cell phones.  Cell phones are used for a variety of useful tasks, such as paying parking meters and checking bus schedules.  One of the latest uses of mobile phones in Estonia is the Mobiil-ID service, which enables the user of e-services to safely verify their identity with a mobile phone, log on to an internet bank and supply a digital signature. The Mobiil-ID service is an analogue of the ID-card in a mobile phone. 


I intend to analyze how this technology evolved so rapidly in such a small country, especially given the short time frame that has passed since gaining independence from the Soviet Union.  I also will thoroughly look at the full range uses of the cell phone in Estonia.  


            The reason I have chosen this project is that I recently journeyed to Estonia, and fell in love with the country.  The full speed ahead attitude that Estonians seem to have toward new technology is something that has really taken my interest.  I was walking down the street in Tallinn, the Capitol of Estonia, when my friend was pushing buttons on her cell phone.  “Texting a friend?”, I asked her.  “No,” she replied, “I’m just maming sure we are going to catch the bus in time.”